We are currently seeking Merchandisers that are passionate and self-motivated, who strive to make things happen in order to achieve results. If selected, you would be responsible for a number of concession stores empowered to deliver exceptional standards and building excellent relations with our retail concession partners. Please complete the job application form below to be considered for this exciting opportunity to join our national team.


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Privacy Policy:
The privacy of job applicants is important to us and we take every  precaution to protect your personal information. The personal information you provide for potential employment or as part  of the recruitment process will be held and processed for the purposes  of the application for the role and for selection purposes.   This Privacy Notice (the “Privacy Notice”) applies to Claire’s Stores,  Inc and all of the companies operating under the Claire’s brand that are  owned or controlled by Claire’s Stores, Inc or under common control or  ownership with Claire’s Stores, Inc including those operating in the  European Economic Area (“Claire’s”, “we”, “us” or “our”). What personal data do we collect about you?  Personal data is any data which can directly or indirectly link to a  specific individual. Personal data is collected via the online  application form or paper-based application form which includes but is  not limited to: First name, last name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, country of  birth, nationality, street, postcode, city, country, telephone number,  e-mail address, current and previous employment details, academic  background, evidence of identity such as national ID/passport. We may also process sensitive personal data where relevant to the  recruitment process, including where necessary to accommodate any  disability needs. Sensitive personal data may include but is not limited  to: Criminal record, race/ethnicity information, trade union membership,  genetic data, biometric data, sexual orientation, health related  information including physical/mental health. We may also process personal data provided by you in relation to third  parties when it relates to your application for employment with Claire’s  such as details of your referees.  You should only provide Personal  Data in relation to third parties with their knowledge and agreement. At this stage of the process your personal data is collected and  processed only to the extent necessary to assess your suitability,  skills and experience for the role that you have applied for. If your application is successful, the data will be used for any  pre-employment screening and assessment of your capabilities and  professional qualities for the role. How do we collect your Personal Data? Careers website, Social network LinkedIn and paper-based application  forms. Who has access to your information and to whom is it disclosed? Only Claire’s staff members conducting recruitment activity have access  to your data. The data is processed and forwarded to the staff member  responsible for recruitment of the role.  If your application is successful, this data will be used for the  pre-employment screening and passed to the HR Department to process an  offer of employment. We may share your personal data with our selected service providers  acting on our behalf. These third parties will be required to use  appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the  confidentiality and security of your personal information.  How do we protect and safeguard your information? The data in the application form will only be accessed by designated  staff responsible for recruitment of a particular role. Claire’s has technologies and security policies to protect the stored  personal data of our users from unauthorized access, improper use,  alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction and accidental loss.  We  are fully dedicated to complying with all the applicable data protection  laws. How can you access, verify, modify or delete your information? All candidates applying for a role at Claire’s will create their own  personal account which is password protected. That will enable you to  access your applications, modify, complete and apply for a role. For  completed applications you can also access your account to track the  status of your application in the recruitment process. You cannot change your application after submitting it. If you wish to  modify or delete your personal data after having submitted your  application please email dataprotection@claires.com For paper-based application forms the information will be retained in a  locked cabinet at Claire’s headquarters at Unit 4, Bromford Gate,  Bromford Lane, Birmingham, B24 8DL, United Kingdom or at 2400 West  Central Road, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60192, or at a Claire’s  location where you initially submitted your application form.  You can  request us to destroy your submitted application by emailing  dataprotection@claires.com.  How do we proceed with processing and deleting your personal data? You can view, change or delete your curriculum vitae and all your  personal data stored in your candidate profile at any time in this  application site. In addition, you have the right to delete your user  account on the applicant portal at any time by selecting ‘Deactivate’ in  My Account.   If you do not delete your profile, your personal data will remain stored  for up to 12 months to open up other career opportunities for you at  Claire’s starting from the last modification date or activity in the  profile. Deletion of your personal data will happen automatically after  this period.

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By submitting this application, I understand that I will be considered for employment opportunities based partially on the information I have entered in this form. I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that to falsify information is grounds for refusing to hire me, or for discharge should I be hired.

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